Dux_Ducis_Cable (2)The Dux Ducis Stick-on Flat cable is a unique charging cable in that it has a collar that the cable can slide through that you can stick to a flat surface.  The cable is 3.3ft long and has very well made heavy connectors at each end.  The cable is rated to carry 2A which I had no problem passing 2.3A through it to an iPad Pro.

The sticky collar makes this cable great for mounting places that you want to keep a cable but want it out of site when not being used.  For example, you can stick it to the back of your night stand and simply pull the cable out of the collar when it is time to be used.  The sticky portion is reusable by washing it.

Overall this is a great design that covers a niche market.  Even as a charging cable the Dux Ducis works great.  The flat design helps prevent tangles and the included cable tie makes stowing it away easy.

If you are interested in purchasing this cable it can be found here.

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