The AYL (Accessorize Your Life) AX8 Bluetooth Headphones are one of the many behind the neck “sport” headphones that I have had the opportunity to review and have become one of my favorites in this class.  Included with the headphones are two different style ear tips in multiple sizes, three different size stabilizers, Cable clip, Short micro-USB charging cable, manual, and a carrying pouch.

AYL_AX8_Headphones (2)As with all in ear headphones I highly encourage you t take advantage of all the different size and style ear tips as well as the stabilizers to find a perfect fit.  The AX8s are a little larger than your normal ear bud but thanks to the ergonomic shape and stabilizers they fit very well and remain comfortable even after extended listening.  A few inches below the right ear bud is a controller with a typical button configuration with a + button for skipping forward and increasing volume, a – button for decreasing volume and skipping back, and a multi function button for play, pause, answer, end, and power.  Also located on the controller is a rubber cover that opens to expose the charging port and two microphones that are used for calls, voice commands, and active noise cancellation.  The buttons are fairly easy to find while wearing the headphones but I wish they had added some kind of texture to help you distinguish between them quickly.

When it comes to output the AX8 deliver.  They get painfully loud and for the most part stay distortion free even when the volume is cranked to 11 if you can even bare to leave it turned up that loud.  As for sound quality they sound surprisingly good.  They have a very slight bump right around 45hz and have a nice smooth roll off up top.  The mids remain smooth with no hint of being sloppy.  Kick drums remain nice and tight and even in very complex songs I am able to pick out each individual instrument which I can’t say about some headphones that cost significantly more.  I feel pretty confident saying that these are one of the best, if not the best, “sport” headphones I have had the pleasure to use.

Recommending the AYL Ax8 headphones is very easy thanks to their extreme output, great sound quality, 18 month warranty and great inclusion of accessories.  Oh, and they look nice too.

If you are interested in purchasing these headphones they can be found here.

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