BestFire_Headlamp (3) BestFire_Headlamp (2) BestFire_Headlamp (1)The BestFire LED Headlamp consists of stretchable headband with a battery pack on the rear and a three beam housing on the front.  Included with the headlamp are two 18650 batteries, wall charger, car charger, and USB charging cable.  The batteries are easily installed by removing a rubber cover from the inside of the battery compartment and installing them in the correct orientation.  The headband allows for a lot of adjust ability and should fit any head.  Once the head lamp is placed on your head you can adjust the angle of the lights and power it on or cycle through the modes by pressing a button on the top.

The headlamp has four modes, center light, outer lights, all three lights, and flashing.   The center light by itself is extremely bright.  Turning the outside lights on in addition to the center light is hardly any brighter but does widen the output of light quite a bit.  Throughout my testing I was surprised at how comfortable the band is considering the weight of the two batteries and aluminum light housings.

Overall this is a great headlamp that is extremely bright, has plenty of adjustment, is comfortable, and includes multiple ways to charge it.

If you are interested in purchasing this headlamp it can be found here.

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