1byone_Table_Lamp (2) 1byone_Table_Lamp (4) 1byone_Table_Lamp (3)One would think a review of a table lamp on a tech blog is odd, and I would tend to agree.  The 1byone Table Lamp is not your ordinary lamp though.  First off it is powered by a battery and charged with a standard phone charger over a micro-USB cable.  It is compact enough that you can hold it in one hand rather easily.  It is cylindrical in shape with the bottom portion made of metal and the top portion made of a semi-transparent white plastic.  On the very top is a touch sensitive metal button.  The main power button can be found on the very bottom.  The charging port is oddly placed on the side of the device and is the only flaw of the design.

Once the main power is turned on you simply long press on the top button to change modes and short press to change colors.  The light output is nice and evenly dispersed.  The brightest setting is bright enough to light a small room while the dimmest setting works well for a night light.  Thanks the the RGB LEDs you can cycle through 256 colors, allowing you to choose the perfect color for your use.  The fact that the light is battery powered means it can even be used as an accent light on your deck or patio when hanging out with friends.

Overall I feel that the 1byone Table Lamp is a great device.  It is well made, has plenty of light options and modes, and has a pleasant light output.  It is also backed by a one year warranty which is always nice.

If you are interested in purchasing this lamp it can be found here.

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