The TurnRaise Diving Flashlight is constructed entirely of aluminum.  It has a decent amount of weight to it especially with an 18650 battery installed which is not included.  To install the battery one must unscrew the tail cap which is quite a chore thanks to its precision threads and dual O-rings.   The flashlight is 100m waterproof and is rated for up to a 1200 lumen output.  I do not have the means to test either of these claims but I will do my best to describe my experience with the light.

The first thing I noticed about the light is the build quality.  The entire light feels extremely well built and could easily double as a weapon should it need to when using as a walking light.  The copper button is easy to find and press without looking at the device.  The beam from the light is very bright and falls somewhere in the middle of a spot and flood light.  It works extremely well for focusing on something about 50 feet away.  I was able to spot deer in a field a few hundred yards away fairly easy using this light.

Overall I am very pleased with the build quality and performance of this light.  The only real con is that the battery can not be charged while installed in the light.  This is to help keep the light waterproof, but overtime I feel repeatedly taking the tail cap off will lead to damaged O-rings.  That being said I do not see that happening very quickly.

If you are interested in purchasing this light it can be found here.

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