iTrack_Easy_Tracker (3) iTrack_Easy_Tracker (2)The iTrack Easy is a simple Bluetooth key finder.  It is constructed entirely of plastic and includes a spare battery, double sided tape, and a tool that is needed to install a new battery.

The iTrack Easy truly is easy.  Setting it up was as simple as holding down the only button on the device, downloading the app, and using the app to pair it.  The key finder is very dependent on the phone that it is paired to.  If you are within Bluetooth range the app has a nice round indicator that shows how close you are to your keys.  If you are outside of Bluetooth range the app will show a map with an indicator showing the last place the iTrack had connection with your phone.  Everything works great, as long as your keys aren’t moved.  This same theory applies to any device the iTrack is attached to.  Within the app you can enable “Phone Alerts” which will trigger an audible notification when your phone lose connection with the iTrack.  I found this to be the best feature of the device as it will prevent you from forgetting your keys before you get too far away.  To preserve battery you can also set a time period for the iTrack to go to sleep.  Also in the settings is a “Safe Wifi Area” which when turned on you can mark locations, such as your home or work, that you do not want alerts to be active.  This is great if you leave your keys in your desk at work and you walk away from your desk often.  It would be annoying if the alarm sounded every time.  The downside of this is that you could forget your keys in your desk at the end of the day, so there is still room for human error.  As a nice little bonus the iTrack can be used as a remote control for your phones camera and can also be used in reverse to help you find your phone, both of which worked well.

When researching this device I found numerous reviews badmouthing this product because they were not able to track their pet with it.  The iTrack was designed to be a key finder so of course it will not work well as a pet tracker.  It will  not work for tracking anything that moves on its own, such as a car or kid, unless you just want to know if they have gotten more than 30 feet away.

Overall the iTrack works exactly as advertised.  The setup is simple and the app offers just enough features to optimize your use and take advantage of everything this simple little device is capable of.

If you are interested in purchasing an iTrack Easy Key Finder it can be found here.

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