Torchstar_LED_Bulb (2) Torchstar_LED_Bulb (3) Torchstar_LED_Bulb (4)The TORCHSTAR A19 LED Bulb is a 60W replacement LED bulb that only uses 9W.  It has the standard A19 shape with the popular E26 base that is used in many light fixtures in the USA.  It is available in a warm white 3000K and a Daylight 5000K.  I find the 3000K to be a more natural and pleasing light while some people will prefer the more white 5000K.  This review is based around a 3000K bulb.  The bulb is rated for a dimable 800 lumens with a 300* light output.

I installed the TORCHSTAR bulb to the right of a Cree 60W equivalent LED bulb in a dimable fixture for testing.  As you can see in the images, the TORCHSTAR puts the Cree to shame in both brightness and output pattern.  The TORCHSTAR also responded better to my dimmer than the Cree and was able to be dimmed to almost no light.  Throughout my testing the bulb never made a single noise unlike the Cree which buzzes when dimmed.

Torchstar_LED_Bulb (5)Overall I am very pleased with the output of the TORCHSTAR bulb.  When you combine the lights performance with a three year warranty and very reasonable price, it makes it very easy to recommend this bulb.

If you are interested in purchasing a TORCHSTAR bulb in a single or six pack, they can be found here.

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