Otium_BT_Headphones (6) Otium_BT_Headphones (5) Otium_BT_Headphones (4) Otium_BT_Headphones (3) Otium_BT_Headphones (2)The Otium Bluetooth Sport Headphones are an around the ear style headphone.  The bodies are constructed of plastic with a soft touch finish.  The two ear pieces are connected by a flat cable that goes behind your neck when wearing them.  All controls are located on the right ear piece.  On the side is a status indicator LED as well as a universal button that controls power, play, pause, answer, and end.  On the top of the device is a + and – button to control volume and skipping tracks.  On the bottom you will find a micro-USB charging port.  Included with the headphones are three different size ear tips, a micro-USB charging cable, and users manual.

The built in ear loops combined with the multiple size tips included make it easy to get a good fit.  Once the correct ear tips has been determined and installed these headphones will stay on even while moving around a lot.  The buttons are easy to learn and get to.  They have good range and work better than most that I have tried.  As far as sound goes they get plenty loud and have a fairly flat response.  Like many Bluetooth headphones their is a sharp roll off on the highs and low bass.  Mid bass is nice and punchy which most people like.

Overall these are great headphones for anyone that plans to use them while working out.  They sound great, get plenty loud, and come with a one year warranty.

If you are interested in purchasing the Otium Sport Bluetooth headphones they can be found here.

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