Orico_External_HD_Enclosure (4) Orico_External_HD_Enclosure (3) Orico_External_HD_Enclosure (2)The ORICO External Hard Drive Enclosure came well packed in a sleeved box with product information printed on it.  Included with the enclosure is a USB 3.0 cable, screw set, screw driver, power cable, and user manual.  The enclosure is made of aluminum to help dissipate heat.  It features a standard SATA connection inside and since it is USB 3.0 it can handle speeds up to 5Gbps.  The drive comes with an 18 month warranty and lifetime tech support.

Installing a hard drive is as simple as sliding it in and installing a few screws.  Once a drive is installed, all that is needed is for the enclosure to be connected to power with the power supply and your computer with the provided USB 3.0 cable.  The enclosure performed extremely well.  I installed a 2TB drive and ran some real world benchmarks by copying large files to and from the drive.  I did this a few times and took the average of the result which were slightly better than the same drive in another “big brand” enclosure.  Throughout my testing the enclosure only became a little warm which means it is doing its job of pulling heat from the hard drive.

Overall this is an extremely well built enclosure that performs well and looks great.  The 18 month warranty and included screw driver are a nice touch.

If you are interested in purchasing this enclosure it can be found here.

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