Nanami_Qi_Fast_Charger (3) Nanami_Qi_Fast_Charger (2)The Nanami Qi Fast Charger is made almost entirely of plastic.  It is angled at roughly a 45* to hold your device at a perfect angle for reading while on a desk.  Included with the charger is a micro-USB cable and a users manual.  The charger features two coils to accommodate just about any compatible device in both landscape and portrait.  Both coils are capable at charging at 9V and 1.8A which are the official specs for fast wireless charging.

The charger is built very well and has a soft touch coating to not mark up your device.  I always use my Nexus 6 to test wireless chargers because it is difficult to line up the charging coil because of its curved back.  With the Nanami stand all I have to do is set the phone on it and it just works.  Even when placing the phone off center the device continues to charge.  I used a Galaxy S7 to test the fast wireless charging and it worked just as well as the official Samsung wireless charger.

Overall I am very happy with this wireless charger and it will be replacing the one I was using before this.  If you are in the market for a wireless charger and want to get the latest wireless charging technology at a reasonable price, this is the charger for you.

If you are interested in purchasing the Nanami Qi fast charger it can be found here.

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