KLD_2in1_Charging_Cable (5) KLD_2in1_Charging_Cable (4) KLD_2in1_Charging_Cable (3) KLD_2in1_Charging_Cable (2)The KLD 2 in 1 Charging Cable may be the most unique charging cable I have used to date.  It is made very well with metal plugs and a flat flexible cable to help prevent tangles.  What makes this cable different than any other is that KLD has managed to create one connector that can charge both Apple and Android devices.  One side of the connector looks like a micro USB cable and the other a lightning connector.

I tested the cable by charging my Nexus 6 which the cable had no problem fast charging it using the stock Motorola Charger.  I then plugged the cable into my iPhone 6s Plus which it had no problem charging as well.  The ultimate test would be trying to charge an iPad Pro 13, which unfortunately it would not charge no matter what I tried.  It did charge an iPad 3 and iPad Air though with no issue.

Overall this is a well built cable that can charge just about any modern phone or tablet.

If you are interested in purchasing this cable it can be found here.

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