Vomelon_Phone_Stand (5) Vomelon_Phone_Stand (4) Vomelon_Phone_Stand (3) Vomelon_Phone_Stand (2)The Vomelon is a simple, universal mobile device stand.  The main body is constructed of aluminum, while the kickstand portion is made of plastic.  It features rubber pads on the bottom to prevent it from sliding as well as all points of contact for your device to prevent scratches.  It uses a locking mechanism to keep the stand in position which can be adjusted by holding a button on the side.

The Vomelon Universal Stand is very easy to use and folds to a compact size for travel.  It had no problem holding my Nexus 6 or Galaxy S7.  It can even hold my iPad Pro 13 as long as it is adjusted to an upright position.  Overall this is a handy little stand and works perfect for holding your device while watching videos or playing a game.

If you are interested in purchasing this stand it can be found here.

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