Akwox_Cherry_Switch_Tester (4) Akwox_Cherry_Switch_Tester (3) Akwox_Cherry_Switch_Tester (2)The Akwox Cherry Switch Tester has an acrylic base that houses nine Cherry MX mechanical switches including MX Red, MX Black, MX Blue, MX Brown, MX Green, MX Gray-Brown, MX Gray-Black, MX Clear, and MX White.  All switches come with transparent key caps and dampeners already installed.  I would have preferred the dampeners not be installed but they are easy enough to remove.  Also, included with the tester is a finger loop style key cap puller.

Overall the tester is built well especially for something you most likely will not use much.  The only issue I had with it which is minor, is that sometimes when removing the key caps the switch would come out of the base.  Otherwise each switch works exactly as expected from the description of each Cherry MX switch.

If you are interested in purchasing the Akwox Cherry Switch Tester it can be found here.

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