1byone_Dual_Driver_Headphones (2) 1byone_Dual_Driver_Headphones (5) 1byone_Dual_Driver_Headphones (4) 1byone_Dual_Driver_Headphones (3)The 1byone Dual Driver Headphones come packaged in a premium style retail package.  Included with the headphones is a nice clam shell style case, ear tip case, five different rubber tip pairs, foam tips, cable clip, and user manual.  Two different style rubber tips are included, small, medium, and large single cone style tips, and small and large dual cone style tips.  I highly encourage taking the time ti find which tips fit your ears the best with any in ear headphone.  In this case the small dual cone tips worked the best and created an almost perfect seal, blocking 95% of outside noise.

The bodies of the headphones are made of a semi transparent black plastic which allows you to see the dual drivers inside.  The drivers are wired in parallel which lowers the resistance and therefor increasing the efficiency of the headphones.  Because of this they get plenty loud when just powered by a mobile device although adding an amp to the mix did make them sound slightly better.  The cables are all Teflon coated and look to be braided nylon under the coating which should make them very durable.  You will find very nice strain reliefs at the 45* 1/8in connector as well as at the cable split.  On the right side about 7in from your ear you will find an in line mic as well as a single multi-purpose button.

When it comes to reviewing headphones, the first thing I consider is their price.  This is because 99% of the time inexpensive headphones simply have had not had the research and development put in them that a more expensive headphone does.  This isn’t always the case but it simply isn’t fair to compare a $20 set of headphones to a $200 set.  Before even listening to these headphones I assumed they would sound muddy and lack detail or that they would lack detail.  My initial listen surprised so I let them continue to play as I tried the different ear tips before finally deciding which ones worked best.  I then started to go through my usual test songs playing from an iPhone and the more I listened the more I liked these headphones.  I then decided to grab some of my favorite in ear monitors to compare.  I started with the Earjax Lyrics since they have a similar price.  The 1byone headphones sound much more detailed and full compared to the Lyrics so I decided to move onto the Yamaha eph-50s.  The comparison now became much more even.  I found the the 1byone’s to be slightly more detailed especialy in the upper frequencies while the eph-50s had much better control in the lower frequencies (which tends to be exaggerated). Overall the 1byone Dual Driver headphones sounded better.  Other than being a little bright at times they sound amazing, especially when you consider the price.  I am absolutely blown away by the performance at their current price.  Oh, and the mic works well too, as does the mult-purpose button once you memorize how many pressed do what.  1byone could easily charge four times as much and they would be worth it.

If you are in the market for a new set of headphones I highly recommend you give these a shot.

If you are interested in purchasing the 1byone Dual Driver Headphones they can be found here.

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