VeoPulse_Phone_Holder (2)The VeoPulse phone holder is designed to mount to just about any dash vent simply by sliding it onto the grates on the vent.  The portion that connects to the vent is made of a soft rubber to prevent it from damaging the vent while the body is made of plastic and aluminum.  The surface that touches the phone is also a soft rubber to prevent it from damaging your phone.  Included with the mount are three different size metal plates that can either be stuck to your phone or inserted between your phone and case to allow the magnet to hold it.  The only flaw I found with this mount, which is found on all mounts of this style, is that it will take some time to find the best way to mount it to prevent your phone from tipping forward.  Overall this is a well made vent mount and I highly recommend it.

If you are interested in purchasing this vent mount it can be found here.

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