The TurnRaise Android Dock is a charging dock design to work with almost any Android phone.  The dock is constructed completely of plastic with rubber on the base to help prevent it from sliding around.  Their is a micro-USB plug on the back of it so that you can use either the included cable with your own charger or any cable of your choosing.  Also included with the dock is a user manual.

The best feature of the TurnRaise dock is also its largest flaw.  To make it compatible with as many devices as possible, the micro-USB plug on the dock rotates back and fourth which also makes it very difficult to dock the phone with one hand.  Once docked the phone will charge as if you has plugged a cable into it.  Another flaw of the dock is that the micro-USB plug can not be turned around.  If you have a device like the Nexus 6 it will not work on this dock unless you want to look at the back of your phone.

Overall this dock does exactly what it says.  If you do not mind its only flaw and it will work with your device, it may be just what you need.

If you are interested in this dock it can be found here.

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