Ninise_WiFi_Extender (1) Ninise_WiFi_Extender (4) Ninise_WiFi_Extender (2)The Ninise WiFi Extender is a simple wall plug style repeater that is constructed almost entirely of plastic.  On the front is a WPS button as well as indicator LEDs for power, LAN, WPS, and wireless.  On the left side is a LAN port and a reset button.  Included with the extender is a short patch cable and some poorly written directions.

I have set up many wireless range extenders and therefor knew exactly what to do to get this one working.  If you are not tech savvy the directions will not be enough for you to set this extender up.  Once the extender was configured it worked pretty well.  It is compatible with 802.11/b/g/n standards up to 300MBS.  Given the price the extender performed very well and provided a decent amount of range.  The wired connection works exactly as you would expect as well.

If you are on a budget, fairly good with networking equipment, and need to extend your wireless range, this is a great place to start otherwise I would look into an extender with better directions.

If you are interested in purchasing this extender it can be found here.

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