Ginsy_Smart_Watch (4) Ginsy_Smart_Watch (3) Ginsy_Smart_Watch (2)The Ginsy Smart Watch came well packaged and includes a charging cable and a brief users manual.  The watch can be used as a standalone phone using a compatible GSM SIM card or it can be used as a companion device like many Android Wear watches or the Apple Watch.  The body of the watch is constructed of aluminum with a plastic back that is removable to access the battery, SIM slot, and micro-USB slot.  The included band is made of rubber and one side features a built in NFC receiver for quick pairing to Android devices.  The watch also features a camera, Bluetooth, and WiFi capabilities.

I do not have a compatible GSM SIM card so I only tested the watch as a companion device to both my Nexus 6 and iPhone 6s Plus.  While most common features work on iOS but all features work on Android.  The inclusion of an NFC receiver made pairing the watch to my Nexus 6 extremely fast and simple.  Pairing the watch to my iPhone worked just like pairing any Bluetooth device.  Once paired and all of the correct permissions were granted I started receiving notifications on the watch just as you would expect.  Replying from the watch is a little cumbersome but is possible.  More notifications were available on Android than iOS but this is expected.  The software one the watch reminded me of a heavily skinned version of Android, which on a watch is a little awkward but does work.  The battery had no problem getting me through a day of normal use.  The camera on the watch does not take very good pictures but will work in a pinch.  Overall the watch works very well once you get used to the GUI.  The only real complaint I have about the watch is the lack of options for the face as you are limited to only a few.

Is the Ginsy GV18 the best watch you can buy, no.  Is it as good as the Android Wear and Apple watches, again no, but you will have a very hard time finding anything better at this price.  If you are interested in a smart watch but do not want to pay the average smart watch prices, or if you are hard on your watches, this may be the perfect device for you.

If you are interested in purchasing the Ginsy GV18 Smart Watch it can be found here.

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