EnacFire_Lightning_Cables (3) EnacFire_Lightning_Cables (2)The EnacFire Lightning Cable 3 Pack comes packaged in their usual minimilistic packaging that I love so much.  Inside the box you will find three cables, one each of 3ft, 6ft, and 10ft.  The cables are Apple MFI certified.  The cables are nylon braided and then coated in a TPE material to make them extremely durable but still remain flexible.  The ends are constructed of metal and feature a heavy duty plastic strain relief at both ends.  The ends remain small to accommodate almost any case.

Throughout my testing I had no problems with the cables.  I was able to charge an iPad Pro at the full 2.4A rated charge rate.  I have no doubt that these cables will take a ton of abuse.  Even if you have an issue they are backed by an 18 month warranty.  The only complaint I can make against the kit are the included Velcro strips are not the best fit for this application.  I found they work much better if you cut them in half and do not use the wide end.

If you are interested in purchasing these cables they can be found here.

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