image001In the past few months Verizon Wireless has done their best to improve customer satisfaction.  They have restructured their plans so that customers get more data per dollar to help balance the higher demand for data.  They have also redesigned their My Verizon app to be easier to use and focus more on data so that you can quickly and easily keep track of your usage.

When you first launch the My Verizon app you are greeted with a material design interface widgets displaying different information.  You will find a hamburger icon in the top left to open a menu and to the right at the top you will find a link to support.  At the top of this page a is a search box to quickly find what you are looking for.  Below that is a data widget that shows you both graphically and with text how much data you have left and how much you have used as well as how many days are left in your billing cycle.  As you scroll down you can also find information about your current bill, your carry over data from the previous month, and ways to quickly make changes to your account.

image002The menu to the left provides more information on your data, bill, account, and provides a link to shop for phones and accessories.  Navigating to the account section provides detailed information on your account settings, plan, devices, add-ons, notifications, controls and permissions, and rewards.  Some of these items also allow you to make changes as applicable.  The billing section allows you to see detailed billing information as well as the ability to make a payment.  The data section provides much of the information that is available on the dashboard but in more detail.  You can also enable or disable Safety Mode here which will help prevent you from going over your data limit and will purchase another block of data should you go over.

Overall I think Verizon has come a long way with their My Verizon app.  It is much easier to read, looks nice,  is easy to navigate, and provides all the information you could possibly want as well as the ability to add and remove features from your account.  If you are already a Verizon customer I highly suggest taking a look at the new My Verizon App and if you are currently shopping for a wireless provider, the convenience of this app may sway you towards Verizon.

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