Multifun_Mouse_Pad (2)The Multifun Mouse Pad is a slightly different take on what many people are used to calling a mouse pad.  Unlike most mouse pads it is paper thing and extremely smooth.  Size was it is slightly larger than the average mouse pad.  The underside of the mouse pad feels smooth to the touch but once laid on a flat surface it sticks as if the back were tacky.

If for some reason you are still using a ball mouse, this is not the mouse pad for you.  If you are using a laser mouse you will love this mouse pad.  I tested the pad with a Logitech MX Master Mouse.  The large teflon pads on the bottom of the mouse combined with the Multifun mouse pad result in an insanely smooth experience.  The combination is so slick with just a slight push the mouse will slide across and right off of the mouse pad.  I like a fast pointer and enjoyed the added precision the mouse pad offered over my textured desk mat.

Overall this is a great mouse pad that offers a minimalistic approach combined with an ultra slick surface.  Since the pad is washable and reusable, it should last a long time.

If you are interested in this mouse pad it can be found here.

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