CVLIFE_Flashlight (6) CVLIFE_Flashlight (5) CVLIFE_Flashlight (4) CVLIFE_Flashlight (3) CVLIFE_Flashlight (2)The CVLIFE 800 Lumens Flashlight is constructed entirely of aluminum and includes a case, battery, safety wand attachment, wall charger, car charger, and a users manual.  The flashlight is water proof and features an adjustment ring that changes the beam from a spot light to broad flood light and everything in between.

Throughout my use I found that the flash light is very durable and is extremely bright.  I have no way of actually testing the output of the light so I am not sure if the 800 lumens rating is correct.  Turning the light on and off switches between the different modes which include hi, medium, low, strobe, and SOS.  The beam adjustment ring is easy to use and makes a loud click which I wish wasn’t as loud.  The safety wand attachment is a nice addition and would be nice for directing people or use as a safety cone while stuck on the side of the road.

Overall the CVLIFE flashlight is well made and easy to use.  The only three things I do not like about the light is the proprietary charging connector, loud noise of the beam adjuster and the poor quality of the case.  These are minor flaws and are easy to overlook considering the price.

If you are interested in purchasing the CVLIFE 800 Lumens Flashlight, it can be found here.

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