AllSmartLife_Gear_VR_Box (6) AllSmartLife_Gear_VR_Box (5) AllSmartLife_Gear_VR_Box (4) AllSmartLife_Gear_VR_Box (3) AllSmartLife_Gear_VR_Box (2)The AllSmartLife Gear VR Box is designed to take the mobile phone you already have and turn it into the ultimate virtual reality experience.  The headset is constructed mostly of plastic and features a T shaped strap to keep it secure on your head.  This design allows for quite a bit of adjustment and thanks to them being stretchable and the front of the device being padded, it remains comfortable even for extended VR sessions.  The lenses are made of glass and are adjustable both left and right, and forward and back to help find the perfect focus.  Their is a drawer on the right side of the headset that slides out and is designed to hold your phone.  This design is supposed to be better than the typical front load design as it should help prevent dust from getting on the lenses.

The included remote is not made very well but most headsets do not include one at all.  The remote makes the VR experience significantly better as you are still able to navigate with your phone installed in the headset.  With other cases you have to remove your phone just to hit play or navigate to another game or video.

Overall the headset is made well and is easy to use.  My Nexus 6 fits well in this headset while many others struggle due to the location of the volume control.  Of the VR headsets I have tried, this is the best one so far.

If you are interested in purchasing this headset it can be found here.

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