IPOW_Air_Vent_Mount (2)The IPOW Air Vent Mount is unique in that it is adjustable to fit any size air vent unlike many of the “universal” ones that don’t always work.  It also includes the necessary hardware to mount your phone to it three different ways.  It includes a plate to place between your case and phone to allow your phone to stick to the magnet on the vent mount.  It also includes a stick on plate to adhere to your phone to make it magnetic.  The third way is using a clamp around your phone to then stick to the magnet.  Being magnetic also allows you to mount your phone in any orientation.

The mount is made well and allows for enough adjust-ability and mounting options that it should work in almost any situation.  Overall it is a great mount that I highly recommend.

If you are interested in this mount it can be found here.

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