1byone_Ring_Collar (3) 1byone_Ring_Collar (2) 1byone_Ring_Collar (1) 1byone_Ring_Collar (5) 1byone_Ring_Collar (4)The 1byone Ring Collar Headset came packaged in a molded plastic insert inside of a booklet style retail box.  included with the headset are three different size ear tips, a USB charging cable, and users manual.  The headset is an around the neck style with the battery and charging port located in the rear.  At each end of the headset is a controller with magnetic ends to hold the ear tips.  On the left side is the power button, LED indicator, and mic.  On the right side is a play/pause, answer/end button, and = and – buttons to control volume and skip tracks.

The Ring Collar Headset is rated for 10 hours of use which it often times lasted longer in my testing.   The headset gets plenty loud and I had no problems when talking to people with the headset.  As far as sound quality the headset favors the lower range but is otherwise fairly flat.  My only real complaint with the headset is that the magnets and/or location of them does not work very well.  When the ear buds were on the ends of the collar I constantly found myself knocking them off or them simply falling off.  This is a shame because it is otherwise a great headset.

If you are interested in purchasing this headset it can be found here.

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