Oumeiou_Alarm_Clock_Camera (1) Oumeiou_Alarm_Clock_Camera (4) Oumeiou_Alarm_Clock_Camera (3) Oumeiou_Alarm_Clock_Camera (2)The Oumeiou Alarm Clock is not your average clock.  It is a spy camera capable of recording in 1080P as well as recording sound.  Included with the clock are two rechargeable batteries, charging cable, remote, and poorly written directions.

The concept of this device is pretty cool, but the execution not so much.  The included directions will do little to help you use this device.  After hours of messing with it and pressing, holding, double tapping, etc, the hidden buttons on the back I was able to get it to work, somewhat.  When the camera works it actually records a decent HD video, even in very low light settings.  The audio recording is more than acceptable.  Overall the device is actually pretty nice and would work well as a hidden camera for your home or office but you better plan to spend quite a bit of time figuring out how to use it.

I want to recommend this device since it did work well once I figured it out, but with such poorly written directions it is hard to.  If Oumeiou would include better directions this would be easy to recommend.

If you are interested in purchasing this device it can be found here.

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