IMG_1563 IMG_1565 IMG_1564The Infinilla G5 Headset cam packaged in a compact sleeved style retail box.  Included with the headset are three different size ear tips, a short micro-USB charging cable, a compact zipper case, and user manual.  The headset is lightweight and constructed with plastic.  The two buds are connected with a flat cable that features an inline mic and controller on the right side.  The controller features a multi function button and the usual + and – buttons.  The headset also features voice commands to answer or reject calls as well as spoken alerts for incoming calls, battery, connection status, etc.

The G5 Headset is designed for sport use and is sweat proof.  The location of the controller is ideal for sports activities and is easy to use while moving.  The headset gets plenty loud and sounds great.  The sound is fairly flat with only a slight bump in the lows and upper mid range.  The ability to answer calls by saying yes or no is an awesome feature especially to use while running.

Overall the Infinilla Headset is well made, easy to use, and sounds great.  i have no problem recommending these.

If you are interested in purchasing this headset it can be found here.

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