AGPtEK_Oxygen_Bar (2) AGPtEK_Oxygen_Bar (1) AGPtEK_Oxygen_Bar (3)The AGPtEK Oxygen Bar is a multi-function device for your car.  It is a charger, Bluetooth headset, and air purifier.  Included with the device are three different size ear tips for the headset.  One of the two charging ports is rated at 2.1A while the other is rated at 1A, both of which tested true.  The device is made almost entirely of plastic but feels well made.

I am not sure how well the air purifiers works but it doesn’t hurt to have alongside the headset and charger.  The charging ports work perfectly and the headset is easy to use.  Once paired to your phone, removing the headset from the charger will answer a call and returning it to the charger will end the call.  Using the multi function button on the side of the headset can also answer or end calls.  The sound quality of the device is great for calls but sounds dull for music which is to be expected for a headset designed for car use.

Overall the oxygen bar is easy to use and adds three useful features to any car with a charging port.  If you are looking for a headset to use in your car this may be the one for you, combined with the other features it makes for a great device.

If you are interested in purchasing this device it can be found here.

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