Vnina_Party_Light (4) Vnina_Party_Light (3) Vnina_Party_Light (2)The Vnina Party Light came packaged in a colorful retail box and includes the light, power adapter, remote, tripod, and a brief users manual.  The light is constructed of aluminum while the remote and tripod are made of plastic.  All features of the light can be controlled from the remote.  The tripod is short but large and sturdy enough to position the light however you want.

On the back of the light is a switch to change between auto mode, music mode, and power off.  Also on the rear of the light is a mic sensitivity knob.  From the remote you can control the power state of the light, the mode, motor speed, color, flash state, and full RGB color mode.  All of the modes react exactly as you would expect.  The light is powerful enough to work for any home application and even for a small DJ gig or as a small effect on a stage production.  The light works well, the remote has great range, and thanks to all of the cooling vents it doesn’t get hot even after extended use.

Overall this is a fun light at a very reasonable price.  If you are interested in purchasing this light it can be found here.

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