VicTsing_VR_Headset (3) VicTsing_VR_Headset (2) VicTsing_VR_Headset (1)The VicTsing Virtual Reality Headset is designed to turn your mobile phone into a stunning 3D experience.  It is capable of using a phone with a screen size from four to six inches, although my Nexus 6 barely fit.  Included with the headset is an adapter to use with screens smaller than five inches, a micro fiber cloth, wet and dry cleaning cloths, and a user manual.

The front of the device opens to reveal the area where you insert your phone.  Your phone is held in place by a foam backed clamp that does a surprisingly good job of holding it.  Once the phone is mounted you adjust the head straps which are long enough to accommodate any size head.  Once the straps have been adjusted you can place the headset on your head and then using a slide and a wheel on the top of the headset you can adjust the focal length and width to accommodate your eyes.  The headset has vents on each side to allow sound to escape.  For the best experience I recommend purchasing a Bluetooth remote if you are using an Android device otherwise you will need to start the video prior to installing your phone.

Overall the VicTsing is made well and comes with a one year warranty.  The ability to adjust the lenses to your eyes is a great feature and prevented me from feeling dizzy like I have experienced with other headsets.  If you have not experienced virtual reality this may be the perfect way to try it out.

If you are interested in purchasing this headset it can be found here.

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