Jayfi_JA50_Headphones (3) Jayfi_JA50_Headphones (2)The Jayfi JA50 Headphones came well packed in a premium drawer style box.  Once you slide the drawer out the headphones are inlaid in foam which gives them a premium appearance.  Included with the headphones are three different size ear tips, a cable clip, and a user manual.

The headphones are constructed of a combination of aluminum and brass with a chrome finish.  They feel very nice and are light enough to remain comfortable even after extended listening sessions.  A few inches down the right cable is an inline mic and multi function button, both of which i have had no problems or complaints about.  The 3.5mm connector is slim and should have no problem fitting in the tightest of cell phone cases.

Sound quality is where the JA50’s shine.  Other than a slight emphasis on bass and a very slight bump in the female vocal range, these headphones have a very  flat response.  I prefer a little extra bass and these headphones are now in my top five IEMs.  If you are looking for a great sounding headphone that s efficient enough to be driven by a mobile device without breaking the bank, these are it.  Two thumbs up for sure.

If you are interested in purchasing the Jayfi JA50 headphones they can be found here.

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