Glteck_Desk_Mat (1) Glteck_Desk_Mat (4) Glteck_Desk_Mat (3)The Glteck XXL Desk Mat is made entirely of a multi-spandex material with stitched edges to prevent fraying.  The bottom of the mat is rubber like and prevents it from moving around on your desk while the top of the mat is soft yet smooth.  The mat has a premium feel to it and the inclusion of a carrying pouch is a nice touch.

I was interested in a large desk mat because my modular desk has joints where I like to set things link my phone which causes it to rock.  This large mat completely eliminates that issue.  Thanks to it being soft I do not have to carefully set things down to avoid loud noises in my quiet office environment.   The bottom has enough grip that even when I lean my elbows on the mat it does not move.  The top allows my Logitech MX Master (not pictured) to move smoothly and accurately across the top which I was unsure of when I first opened the mat.

Overall the Glteck XXL Desk Mat is made extremely well and works exactly as described.  It is available in other sizes should you want one that is smaller or larger and I can not recommend it enough to anyone with a large desk.

If you are interested in purchasing a Glteck Desk Mat it can be found here.

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