The Akwox Key Dampener Kit is design to decrease the noise of a mechanical keyboard.  Included with the kit is a wire style key cap puller and 135 dampeners.  The dampeners are nothing more than rubber o-rings specifically sized to fit around the yoke of a key cap to absorb the pressure when the key bottoms out.  The key cap puller is made decently well and does its job although I prefer the finger loop style pullers.

Installing the dampeners is very time consuming.  be sure to take a picture of your keyboard before removing all of the keys.  To determine how much of a difference the dampeners will make, simply pull off a key cap and press the switch.  that is basically how the key will sound after installing the dampeners.  Many people are under the impression that these will magically make the switches quiet but that is not the intention.  At best these will eliminate the sound from the key bottoming out.

I do wish the kit included directions for people that are not familiar with mechanical keyboards but otherwise the kit is complete and does exactly what it says.

If you are interested in this kit it can be found here.

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