Vomelon_BT_Headset (2)The Vomelon Bluetooth headphones come in a simplistic box that which I really like.  Included with the headphones are two different size ear tips, a carry pouch, short charging cable, and users manual.  The headphones are lightweight thanks to their plastic construction.  They feel well made and have an ergonomic design.  The right earpiece has two buttons on the front for skipping tracks and changing volume as well as a button on the side that acts as a multi function button for play/pause, answer/end, and power.  The cable connecting the earpieces is flat to help prevent tangling.

The Vomelon headphones get extremely loud.  As for sound quality they have a somewhat week lows, laid back mids and smooth highs.  Even at high volumes their is minimal distortion.  These headphones should make for great sport headphones or for listening to audio books.  The sound is non fatiguing even after hours of listening.  They are rated for five hours of playback but I consistently got six or more.  Thanks to the small 100mAh battery, charging times were as quick as 30 minutes with a 2A charger.   Using the headphones for calls worked very well and I had no complaints from the person at the other end of the call.

Overall these are great Bluetooth headphones.  They sound decent, have great battery life, and are comfortable.  If you are interested in purchasing these headphones they can be found here.

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