MCOCEAN_E500_Headphones (4) MCOCEAN_E500_Headphones (3) MCOCEAN_E500_Headphones (2)The MCOCEAN E500 headphones came well packed in a molded plastic insert inside of a stylish retail box.  The headphones are extremely lightweight thanks to their plastic construction.  The cable is triangle shaped which should help prevent tangles.  the E500’s are an on ear design and feature well padded plastic ear cups.  When folded up they are small enough to easily slip in a bag.

These headphones are very sensitive and have no problem getting excessively loud.  The sound has a strong focus on the midrange and creates an almost 3D sound.  If you are a fan of heavy bass these are not the headphones for you as the frequency response coudld be described as a bell curve with a noticeable dip in both the low and high range.  This frequency response is ideal for audio books, songs with heavy dialog, and as monitors for singers.  While the sound of these headphones are not my taste, sound is subjective and you may love them.

Overall the MCOCEAN E500 headphones are made well, extremely light, and fold up into a small footprint.  If you like the unique sound or require form over function, these headphones may be perfect for you.

If you are interested in purchasing these headphones they can be found here.

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