Arealer_Lens_Kit (3) Arealer_Lens_Kit (2)The Arealer 3 in 1 Lens Kit includes a 10x macro lens, 100* wide angle lens, 180* fish eye lens, two lens caps, and two lens clips.  The lenses are made of aluminum and feel well made.  The clips are made of plastic with rubber at all points that they touch the phone.  The lens caps are made of a somewhat flexible plastic and fit very well.

Installation of the lenses to the clips are as easy as screwing them on.  once the lens is installed in the clip you simply slide it over the camera on your phone until it is lined up.   Below from left to right: macro, standard, wide angle, fish eye.  All testing was done using an iPhone 6s Plus with the stock camera app.  The macro lens works very well with no visible distortion.  the wide angle also works well with only a little distortion at the corners of the image.  The fish eye lens has signs of distortion throughout the image which is most notable at the edges.  Overall the lenses do fairly well with the exception of the fish eye.  Even at shots with more distance I constantly had issues taking even a passable shot with the fish eye lens.  If you are interested in purchasing this lens kit it can be found here.

Arealer_Lens_Kit (7) Arealer_Lens_Kit (6) Arealer_Lens_Kit (5) Arealer_Lens_Kit (4)

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