intelliGlass_Pro_Nexus_6 (4) intelliGlass_Pro_Nexus_6 (3) intelliGlass_Pro_Nexus_6 (2) intelliGlass_Pro_Nexus_6 (1)intelliGlass_Pro_Nexus_6 (5)Finding a good screen protector for the Nexus 6 has been an issue since I received it the week it came out.  The main issue has been the curved edges of the glass screen create a “halo” effect with standard tempered glass screen protectors (See image).  After trying over 20 different brands of tempered glass screen protectors I quickly realized that all of them had this result and I would have to learn to live with it.

Once I saw the intelliGLASS Pro edge to edge screen protector by intelliArmor I knew it could potentially be a game changer.  The quality of this screen protector started with the packaging.  It came in a colorful retail package with detailed information about the product printed on it.  This is much better than the plastic case or cardboard envelopes that many screen protectors come in.  Once opened the quality continued with the included tools to prep the screen and install the screen protector.  Included with the screen protectors are detailed instructions, a well made micro fiber cloth, a large clean screening wipe, a squeegee, and a large dust removal sticker.

Using the supplied directions installation was a breeze and resulted in the best fit, coverage, and protection I have ever seen for a glass screen protector on any device.  I have installed over 100 screen protectors so this is saying something.  The screen protector goes to the very edge of the screen with no bubbles, halo effect, or any other imperfection.  Just a good edge to edge fit with the great protection of tempered glass.  The next time I need a screen protector, the first place I will check is with intelliArmor.  I can’t recommend this screen protector enough.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these screen protectors it can be found here.

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