The AIWOTOWOW Wireless Doorbell came packaged in a plain white box.  Included is the doorbell button, receiver, battery, screws, and a double sided tape.  Both the button and receiver are made entirely of plastic and are extremely light.  Installation is as easy as installing the battery in the button and securing it where you want with either the supplied screws or double sided tape and then plugging the receiver into a centrally located outlet.

The volume output is adjustable form the receiver and you can select from 36 different chimes.  The sound output from the receiver is fairly loud and should be suitable for the average house or apartment.  You could also use the doorbell in a temporary situation thanks to its easy installation and portability.  Overall the wireless doorbell is pretty nice.  It does exactly what it is designed to do with great range and many options for chimes.

If you are interested in the AIWOTOWOW Wireless Doorbell it can be found here.

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