Sentey_Flow_Pro_Headphones (6) Sentey_Flow_Pro_Headphones (5) Sentey_Flow_Pro_Headphones (4) Sentey_Flow_Pro_Headphones (3) Sentey_Flow_Pro_Headphones (2)The Sentey Flow Pro headphones are the first headphones I have ever seen come packaged in a bag, but I love it.  It is nice to see a company do something different than all the others.  The packaging is colorful and list all the specs of the headphones.  Inside the bag is the semi-hard zipper case.  The case is nicer than some that come with headphones that cost significantly more.  Inside the case is the headphones, a user manual, and the detachable braided cable with inline controls and mic.  The headphones, case, and cable look like a million bucks.  The user manual is pretty basic but if you have ever used a pair of headphones their is no use for it anyway.

Unfortunately the headphones do not feel as nice as they look.  This is to be expected at such a low price point though.  The hinges make a loud click when opened and closed.  The click is reassuring that they are locked into place but I feel like I am going to break the headphones every time I open or close the hinges.  The adjustable band also feels a bit questionable when adjusting them.  I do like that each adjustment position on the band is numbered so you can ensure each side is adjusted evenly and you can quickly adjust them to the sweet spot after your first use.  The rubber insert on the top portion of the band provides just enough cushion to make the light headphones feel comfortable.  The PU Leatherette ear pads feel comfortable but are a bit hard at first, this gets better the more you use them though.  The ear pads, like all leatherette ear pads, do get hot after listening to them for an extended period but it is a good compromise to get comfort and a nice seal on your ears.  The inline controls work as expected and are in a nice location.  The mic also works as expected and I had no complaints when using the headphones to make calls.

Keep in mind that I regularly use headphones that cost 20 times more than these when you read my review of the sound quality of the Sentey Flow Pro headphones.  The first time I put these headphones on I was disappointed as I thought I had found a cheap set of cans that looked nice and would sound decent.  Upon the first listen they sounded muddy and boring.  I then let some white noise play through them for a few hours which is what I should have done to begin with.  After breaking them in with white noise they sounded completely different.  The result was a much more natural and flat sound.  Since then I have listened to music on these headphones for roughly twelve hours and find them to be extremely neutral.  They remind me of some of the much more expensive reference headphones I have listened to.  They have a slight roll off at the low end with a bump in the upper bass frequencies which can make some songs sound a little punchy but otherwise sound fairly flat, which is a good thing.

I feel very confident when I say that these absolutely can not be beat for the money.  Speaking of Beats, save your money and buy these, they look just as good and sound significantly better for a tenth of the price.

If you are interested in purchasing a set of these headphones, and you should be, they can be found here.  Don’t forget to break them in!

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