The OxGord Bluetooth OBDII Scanner is an ELM327 based scanner that is fairly compact and constructed of plastic.  Included with the scanner is a Windows driver disk.  The scanner is compatible with Windows and Android only.

I tested the scanner using Torque Pro on my Nexus 6.  Upon pairing the app gave me a warning that the device was an ELM clone and that not all features may work.  I then used the scanner to read codes and sensor data from a Toyota Corolla and an Audi S4.  As far as I could tell, all features work.  It was even able to read VAG information from the Audi which I know is an issue with many inexpensive scanners.

Overall the scanner works exactly as it is supposed to.  I had no issues pairing it to my phone or using it to read codes and live data from both of the cars I tested it on.

If you are interested in purchasing the OxGord Bluetooth OBDII Scanner it can be found here.

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