Jhua_Charging_Station (2) Jhua_Charging_Station (3) Jhua_Charging_Station (4) Jhua_Charging_Station (5) Jhua_Charging_Station (6)The Jhua 8 Port Charging Station is made of plastic and coated in a soft touch finish.  Included with the charger is a 3.5ft power cable.  The charger features a power switch and an LED indicator strip to let you know when it is powered on.  The charger is rated for 10.2A of total charging current.

Two of the ports on the charger are labeled 2.1 A while the other six are labeled 1A.  I found this to be somewhat misleading as each individual ports is capable of charging at 2.1A but the total current of all used ports can only be 10.2A.  Throughout my testing the charger charged at roughly 4.9V which is just barely within USB specs.  This will not harm your devices but may not all ow them to charge as fast or to 100%.  I like that you can turn the charger off with a switch which should help save idle electricity.

Overall I am happy with the Jhua Charging Station.  I do wish the voltage output was a little closer to 5 volts and that the ports were not labeled in a fashion that could be misleading.

If you are interested in purchasing this charging station it can be found here.


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