The J&D HDMI to VGA Converter is constructed from plastic and allows you to connect and HDMI source to a display device that has a VGA video input and 3.5mm audio input.  The converter is roughly 6in long and includes a 3ft 3.5mm audio cable.  The converter features robust strain reliefs and is built very well.  It also has an optional USB power input in case your source unit does not provide enough power over HDMI.

I tested this adapter by connecting my Dell XPS 13 to a an older projector that only has VGA inputs.  Setup is a breeze as it is plug and play.  It had no problem providing a full HD image from my laptop to the projector without the need for external power.  Overall the converter is made very well, is easy to use, and features a one year warranty.  If you are in the market for one of these converters I would highly recommend the one from J&D.

If you are interested in purchasing this adapter it can be found here.

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