Hyperikon_Bulb (1) Hyperikon_Bulb (5) Hyperikon_Bulb (4) Hyperikon_Bulb (3) Hyperikon_Bulb (2)The Hyperikon GU24 LED bulb is rated for a color of 2700K, 800 lumens of output, and 12W of power usage.  It has na efficiency of 67 lumens/watt, is dimmable, has a 340* beam angle, and comes with a 5 year warranty.

The 2700K color and 800 lumen output rating seems to be on par with other LED bulbs I have used.  The light output from this bulb is wider than most and retains a uniform color and intensity throughout its beam.  The bulb seems to be well made and fit perfectly in the GU24 fixture unlike some other GU24 bulbs I have used that were loose.

The light output from this bulb combined with the good build quality, outdoor rating, and five year warranty makes it easy for me to recommend this bulb.

If you are interested in purchasing this bulb it can be found here.

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