Honstek_H5_Headset (1) Honstek_H5_Headset (5) Honstek_H5_Headset (4)The Honstek H5 Bluetooth headset came packaged in a simple box and includes three different size ear tips, a short charging cable, user manual, and warranty card.  The headset comes with a one month warranty which is shorter than I would expect although most electronics fail within the first 30 days anyway if they are going to.  The headset is a behind the neck design with the earpieces being made of plastic and the behind the neck portion is made of a semi flexible material.  This is nice as it makes them easy to fold uup for travel but it likes to hold its shape which makes it awkward when wearing them.  The right earpiece has a micro-USB charging port as well as two multi function buttons for power, play/pause, answer/end call, skip track, and volume.  The headset appears to have three microphones, one for calls and voice commands, and the other two for active noise canceling.

The fit of the H5 headset is phenomenal.  They are very ergonomic and once you find the correct size ear tip, the ear loops have just enough movement to get them in your ear comfortably and then they just stay there.  Throughout my testing I had no issues with the earpieces falling out or even becoming loose.  The active noise canceling worked pretty well especially at this price point.  The sound output is similar to other bluetooth headsets I have used.  The H5s are not the loudest, but they get more than loud enough for the average listener.  The sound quality is pretty good with a slight bump in the mid bass and lower end of the high frequencies.  This sound signature makes the bass nice and punch and adds a slight emphasis to female vocals.  After listening to them for a few minutes I found my self liking this sound signature more and more.

Overall the H5 headset is comfortable to wear and are light enough to remain comfortable for extended periods.  They sound good and get plenty loud.  My only complaints would be the 30 day warranty and the fact that the cable between the two earpieces is too stiff.  Both of these are minor and do not stop me from recommending these as the pros outweigh the cons, especially when the price is taken into consideration.

If you are interested in purchasing the Honstek H5 headset they can be found here.

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