Areta_Pulse_Oximeter (1) Areta_Pulse_Oximeter (3)The Easy@Home Areta Fingertip Pulse Oximeter came packaged in a colorful retail box and includes batteries, a lanyard, case, and user manual.  The device features a multi color display with a single multi-function button to turn it on and cycle through the different displays.  It is able to display the data in four orientations as well as show your blood oxygen and pulse in numeric form, a line graph, or a bar graph over time.

The device is made of plastic and feels well made.  The button is rubber and feels like it will hold up to some abuse.  Once placed on a finger simply press the button and it will turn on.  It is that easy to use.  pressing the button will then cycle through the different views.  Throughout my testing it seemed to be accurate and fairly consistent.  This is not going to be as good as the ones used in the hospital but should work perfect for keeping an eye on your health from home.

If you are interested in purchasing the Easy@Home Areta Fingerti Pulse Oximeter it can be found here.

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