Strapping an action camera to your dog may be the closest you will ever get to seeing the world from their perspective.  The YRMJK Dog Mount allows you to mount an action camera to your dogs back and/or chest.  Included with the mount is a short J mount, a tall J mount, and two 90* adapters.  The mount is made of a somewhat flexible plastic with nylon straps that are padded at all adjustment points.  The mount is extremely adjustable and should be able to fit all but the smallest of dogs.  The mounts are compatible with most of the popular action cameras including the full line of GoPros.

Adjusting the mount to fit your dog is very similar to a harness and your dog will quickly adjust to wearing it if they are used to a harness.  The mounting points work well and should take quite a bit of abuse.  Between the two different size J mounts and 90* adapters you should have no problem mounting the cameras exactly how you want whether it is to see the world from their perspective or to film yourself running along side them.  I believe this mount is an awesome idea and has been executed in a way that makes it easy to use and affordable.

If you are interested in purchasing the YRMJK Dog Mount it can be found here.

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