EXHEED_HDM_Cable (2) EXHEED_HDM_Cable (3)The EXHEED HDMI Cable came packaged in a nice color box with the logo on the front and the cable specs on the rear.  The cable is rated to handle all the latest technology including: Ethernet over HDMI, 4k Ultra HD, 3D video, 32 channel audio support, and 18Gbps bandwidth.  It even features a lifetime warranty and includes 90* and 270* HDMI adapters to use the cable in tight spaced.

The cable features a nylon braiding for protection and has heavy duty, gold plated connectors.  It is built very well and should handle some abuse.  The downside to being so over built is that you can not make sharp bends with it.  Be sure to take this into consideration if you plan on purchasing one.  I tested the cable by connecting my 4K laptop to a 4K TV and everything worked as it should.  The inclusion of the right angle adapters is nice for using the cable on a hung TV.   I read many other reviews on this cable where people had issues with the connector being tight and breaking off.  While the connector does fit pretty tight I had no issues.

Overall I am pleased with the quality and performance of this HDMI cable.  I do wish it were thinner or more flexible to make it more versatile.  If you are interested in purchasing one of these cables they can be found here.

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