AnyPro_Small_Diffuser (4) AnyPro_Small_Diffuser (3) AnyPro_Small_Diffuser (2)The Anypro Diffuser arrived well packed and includes the diffuser, lid, power cable, and product documentation.  The diffuser is constructed entirely of plastic but has a nice wood grain finish to it.

If you are unfamiliar with diffusers, they are basically small humidifiers that also put essential oils into the air.  The Anypro diffuser has four different power options for the diffuser including one hour, three hours, six hours, and on continuously.  The diffuser also fetures LED lights that you can change to seven different colors or a color changing mode with different intensities for each color.

The combination of the scent from the essential oils, moisture being added to the air, and the LEDs are supposed to make you more relaxed, help moisturize your skin, and cleanse the air.   I am not sold on any of these claims but I did enjoy the fragrances as well as watching the LEDs project the stream of moisture coming out of the top of the diffuser.

Overall I am very pleased with the Anypro diffuser.  It performed exactly as it is supposed to and I experienced no issues throughout my testing.  If you are interested in purchasing this diffuser it can be found here.

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