AIWOTOWOW_Bug_Zapper (1)The AIWOTOWOW Rechargeable Bug Zapper may be one of the most interesting devices I have ever used.  It is essentially a plastic tennis racket that has electric charged webbing.  The device is charger via a pop two prong electrical plug which is convenient because you will never lose the charger but it does make it awkward to plug in or even impossible in some situations.  Once the device has been charger you simply turn it on and swat at bugs.  Once the webbing hits a bug it will zap them which at first may startle you with the cracking electrical sound.  The device is made well and should take some abuse.  It does exactly what it says and is easy to use other than the extremely awkward charging method.  If you are looking for a unique way to take care of those pesky bugs this summer, this may be perfect for you.

If you are interested in purchasing this item it can be found here.

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