LANIAKEA_Wireless_Charger (4) LANIAKEA_Wireless_Charger (3) LANIAKEA_Wireless_Charger (2)The LANIAKEA charger came well packed in a molded plastic insert in a simple designed box.  Included with the charger is a one meter micro-USB charging cable and users manual.  You will need to supply your own wall charger but the one that came with your phone will most likely work.

The LANIAKEA wireless charger is fully Qi compatible and will work with any Qi enabled device.  I tested the charger with my Nexus 6 and Nexus 7, both of which charged without an issue.  The charger used 1.6 to 2.0A to provide a constant 1.1A to each of the devices which is within spec.  The most notable features of this charger are how thin it is and the unique charging light.  At just 7mm thin this is the thinnest Qi charger I have ever seen.  It is also extremely light at 2.1oz so it is perfect for traveling.  The charging light is a dim white ring around the topside of the charger that pulses while charging and turns off when finished.  It is bright enough to see if the device is charging, but not so bright that it will keep you up at night if it is on a bed side table.

Overall I am extremely please with the quality, design, and performance of the LANIAKEA Qi charger.  If you are interested in purchasing this charger it can be found here.

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